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Emma Davis     

    Emma Davis, author of ‘Three Mucky Pups,’ is a lover of the English language and writing for as long as she can remember.  Creating books bound in cereal boxes as a child for her siblings to read marked the beginnings of promising authorship. After graduating in English and Celtic Civilisation from University College Cork, Emma continued to write short pieces of poetry and prose. 


     Due to the demands of a young, growing family she worked in various community care jobs as dreams of being a writer were shelved for a time.  However, it was during this busy time at home and taking country walks with her family and pets in the mountains of Múscraí that inspired this story and more to come.


     The wonderful artistic vision of Cork artist Spark Deeley was enlisted to bring these images to life.  Following a long journey, Fairy Fort Publications was established, and finally ‘Three Mucky Pups’ was launched. A colourfully, illustrated children's book, written in rhyme throughout, follows Róisín on an outdoor, winter adventure with her dad and their mischievous pups.  


      Watch this space for more chaos and fun in the sequel to Three Mucky Pups also featuring Róisín’s little sister Síofra. 


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